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The Holocaust On Trial

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Celebrating the Legacy of Ernst Zundel . . .

In this book, you can read all about the Herculean struggle of Ernst Zündel, as narrated by himself. In 1988, the appeal trial of Ernst Zündel, a German-Canadian accused of “knowingly spreading false news about the Holocaust” took place in Toronto. This book is introduced by a brief autobiographic Zündel’s life, and an overview of the evidence introduced during the First Zündel Trial. This is followed by a detailed summary of the testimonies of all the witnesses who testified during the Second Zündel Trial. This was the most-comprehensive and -competent argument ever fought in a court of law over the Holocaust. The arguments presented during have fueled revisionism like no other event before. This is especially true of Fred Leuchter’s expert report on the gas chambers of Auschwitz and Majdanek, which was prepared for this trial. Because of the convincing effect of Leuchter’s expert report at the time, British historian David Irving decided to appear as a witness for the defense. Irving’s (half-hearted) “conversion” to revisionism led to a new trial in 2000 that caused a worldwide sensation: Irving’s libel suit against Jewish theologian D. Lipstadt, who had called him a “Holocaust denier.” Another “long-distance effect” of this trial was the so-called Rudolf Report, which was written because its author, Germar Rudolf, considered the Leuchter Report inadequate. All later revisionist activities of Rudolf and many others who joined revisionism after 1988 can be traced back to this Second Zündel Trial. 

Critically annotated edition with a foreword by a good friend of Ernst Zündel: Germar Rudolf.


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